45 minutes from Cargèse is the imperial city, birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. You will not have enough of a day to browse all the sights offered by the city.

- The Fesch Museum, which includes the largest collection of paintings by the Italian Renaissance.

- In the same place, you can visit the imperial tomb where all the Bonaparte family members except the Emperor of course.

- Also in the same building but in the other wing, the library contains wonderful treasures, including the oldest date of 1245 AD

- The Bonaparte House, the birthplace of Napoleon, whose decoration is as it was at the time of the sovereign.

- How to leave the city without going through the two large squares, Place de Gaulle where the statue of Napoleon surrounded by his four brothers and the Austerlitz square dominated by another statue on top of a grand staircase which describes major innovations and reforms he put in place during his reign.